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Armtrade is a wholly black owned company focused on the mining, transportation and delivery services across the broad spectrum of industry and mining sectors of the economy. Armtrade was formed with the intention of offering an alternative from the black owned companies in excellence, professionalism and customer service. The new South Africa offers equal opportunities to everyone and it was out of that realization that Armtrade was formed.

Armtrade employs a sizable team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in transport and mining industry. This gives it a distinct advantage in the knowledge of trading cultures and patterns locally, regionally and internationally.

Africa is fast becoming an economic hub and South Africa is poised to play a leading role in exploiting the opportunities it offers. Our goal is to provide an excellent service and that means helping the customer from planning to delivery.

Mining and Energy sectors remain the key areas of growth and development in the South African economy. Our key focus areas include amongst others; Transportation, mining & other mining operations services. Our company is poised to set the bar as South Africa integrates more black owned companies in these growth industries. The customer remains our king everywhere we go.


Armtrade Pty Ltd was founded with a vision for excellence through dedication. This was only going to be achieved through developing a company with the highest level of experience. The company was formed after a realization that there was a real need for real time solutions and service in the market. The founding members therefore sought to put together a diverse team with more than ten years of combined Industry and Commerce experience in its respective backgrounds. Armtrade has a wealth of expertise in a variety of fields. The same philosophy of business flows across our business operations undergirded by a hands-on approach from the top management.

Why Armtrade

Every unit of our operations is grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients which is why for us the customer is king.  Every member of our team understands that the customer is the lifeblood of our business and not an interruption. We thrive on customer excellence and for us to achieve this: 

  • We invest in continuous personnel development programmers.
  • Remain in touch with our clients to understand their real needs for us to develop unique solutions for their businesses

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Social Responsibility

We are committed to our social responsibility and as such work through partners selected charity organizations that fall in line with our primary focus areas of health, Economic development, training and education

Our Business Philosophy

Armtrade is characterized by creativity through affirming the unlimited potential of both the company and its employees. We are a responsive organization. This means we have the ability to react effectively to new opportunities and customer needs while maintaining a sense of harmony with society and the global environment.

The vocabulary ‘impossible’ does not exist in our books of operation because we understand that our client’s production plants never stop. We always climb up to see beyond the immediate problem because our eyes are glued on not just the answer but on the future


To be an active participant in contributing to the economic reform and global competitiveness of South Africa and Africa in the primary and secondary business sector.


To plan, design and execute a wide portfolio of tailor-made solutions for the industry and commerce that will add value for our customers and suppliers.  We will accomplish this through the empowerment of our staff, encouraging innovation and rewarding productivity in our drive to become a logistics company of first choice 

Our Values

  • People is our most important asset.
  • Our word is our bond
  • We are committed to providing a positive working environment free of discrimination and harassment in all of our activities. We act and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • We go the extra mile for all our stakeholders with a spirit of love
  • We are always transparent
  • We work together to achieve our goals
  • We accept responsibility
  • We always display the highest ethical standards

Integrity and Corporate Governance

Armtrade success is dependent on trust and support from all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, contractors, Government, and local communities, which is why we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and sustainability. We have zero tolerance for corruption and aim to have the maximum level of transparency in our dealing with Government authorities, defending our interests in court when necessary, we intend to further strengthen our corporate governance in order to deliver maximum shareholder value.

Management Creed

1. To serve our customers through innovative and responsive solutions, taking advantage of the world’s leading technologies.
2. To provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, channeling their skills and fostering their creativity and individuality.
3. To manage our business from an international perspective and to develop a strong presence throughout South Africa

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